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INNOTELETEK won the contract for the Korea Post 2010.08.05
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Mobile computer manufacturer, INNOTELETEK (http://www.catchwell.com) has announced the winning of the contract for the Korea Post with its own brand Catchwell. Main contractor is SK C&C.

According to the contract, INNOTELETEK will supply the 6,380 units of CW20 and its accessories to the Korea Post until the end of this November.

The tender of the Korea Post held every year, and this year’s competition was especially fierce. All three major Korean mobile computer companies participated in to the tender and went through a strict BMT, and CW20 won the top score on the overall. The top score was possible since CW20 achieved the top level of IP standards, IP65, and 1.8 m free-drop test against a concrete floor.

By adapting a 2.8 inch LCD screen to reinforce the mobility, CW20 archived the mobility with the top performance. INNOTELETEK expects the winning of the tender would ignite the market needs for the compact mobile computer, CW20.
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